Can someone pull the klipper printer config off their printer for me?


i have messed up my config and didnt make a backup. sovol support is being slow about replying to me with a copy so i was hoping someone here would be able to help.

if your not sure how to do it but want to help follow the instructions here up to step 5. then in the left hand pannel select printer_data then right click config and select download. then zip the file and post it here (or dm me if you would prefer)

thank you so much to anyone wiling to help. i would love to get this printer back up and running

I’m willing to help, know how to ssh into the machine but I’m not using windows and I’m just using a terminal session. Because of that I don’t have the left hand panel you referenced. If you’ve got additional commands, I can assist.

Thanks for the offer, however Sovol did eventually get back to me with the config file.

For anyone finding this later I have put the config file (with some changes and improvements of my own) on GitHub GitHub - TomW1605/SV07_Klipper_config