Klipper with SV01 Pro?


Is it possible to use Klipper with the SV01 Pro? Looking at the installation instructions it appears that new firmware is required to be compiled to go on the SV01 Pro and since Sovol is not releasing it this year, does that prevent us from using Klipper?


Sovol SV01 Pro source code has been released. Do you need to know where it github repo is?

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No, they released the source code a short while after I posted that. I have compiled it and am using it. Never did get Klipper going instead though.

I found a GitHub for sv01 but not sv01 pro. Is it the same?

I am running klipper on the SV01pro. Replaced the motherboard with an SKR E3 V3.0 though. The 3.5" btt is just a legacy from a previous mod but also working in Marlin mode.
Using it with klipper screen on an osoyoo 7" Touchscreen. Includes and ADXL345.
Files to print mounts are on printables.com.

Works nice.

I noticed my stupid mistake routing the wire loom through the spool holder! This is changed now.

If there is interest, I can share the printer.cfg and runout.cfg.