SV06 Plus Proximity Sensor

My sensor is dead and I’m having an extremely difficult time getting a replacement one from the company.
Right now they’re employees are on a 5-day labor holiday.
somebody on one of the Facebook groups told me this is what I needed to find…

5v M8 NC LJ12A3-4-Z/BX

But I’m having an extremely hard time finding something with these exact specifications… does anybody know where I can find one other than Sovol? between this and the volcano ends that aren’t really volcano ends I’m starting to get frustrated.

Just cut and paste this part number in a google search.

You can find this part on Aliexpress.
I doubt you will ever get any useful answer from Sovol support. They will most likely come back in a week asking to turn it on and off again and ask if the issue is still there.Then thy will disappear for another week or so and forget about it.

I kind of regret buying my Sovol for this reason. I would have ordered a different brand if I knew this earlier. Anyway, do not count on Sovol Support, just get the part and fix it on your own, unless you want to wait months to get your printer working again.