SV06 hotend thermistor replacement

hey Sovol,

where can i find Sovol SV06 thermistor replacements, or at lest the connector?

Click on Hotend as it shows Hotend & Hotbed


I’ve got a bag of those arriving today, but have you done one?

I just flipped my bed to prep and I’m looking at my foam tape job, and my 12mm silicone spacers, an…

I’m not seeing a lump like on the 07 bed I just did… an looking at the 06plus, I think i’m seening a thermistor bulb bulge. not on the regular 06

this thremistor is emmbedded in the circuit bord stuff on the underside.
so, not replacable, but proly bypassable using the same creality bulb.

I’ll measure the ohms across the connector pins at the mobo on my 6 that works an report, but dunno how much that value matters

That thermistor link is for the Hotend, I don’t know of anyone who replaced the Heatbed thermistor…I don’t even know if those will work.

94.6 is the value I get on the printer throwing


on the hotbed side.

and 94.3 on the printer that works

I, uh , need to attend Mr Sandler’s special school…

Since I have a bed issue, thats what I read.
and that link sells both, as you pointed out.

so, the cool upshot of all that is you were correct in either instance, see pics

clearly a test bench setup, but while both test ~95ohm, using the beds ntc shows err, while the creality bulb is gtg

I’m happy it all worked out.