Sovol SV06 Fully Open Source

Hell Yeah! The Sovol SV06 is fully open source on GitHub on the first day of the New Year 2023 :sunglasses:
Happy new year to all and wish all can gain more happiness from 3dprinting in 2023. Sovol will continue to work hard to bring you a good 3dprinter and a better DIY experience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Source files:

This is pretty awesome. I actually just modified the layer cooling air guide because I wasn’t super impressed by the performance (and my old one broke) so this is nice if ever want to go back.

I assume you made the changes in VS Code or similar. I’m trying to update SV05 source to enable Host Action Commands for better Ocotoprint communication.

I removed the comment markers to enable the code:

And changed the version # to 1.2.2:
2023-02-09 07_15_03-● Version.h - SV05-Source-Code-main - Visual Studio Code

The code builds w/out error, but when I put the new bin file on an empty SD card, insert it in the printer and turn on the printer, the printer does not apply the update. It just boots up normally.

Is there anything else I need to do in VS Code to get the printer to recognize/take the FW update from the SD card? The SD card reader on the printer is working - I can browse SD card contents and print from it.

Hi @Danabw Answering your question requires the answerer having professional knowledge both in coding and product functionality, so I just forwarded your info to the engineer and I’ll get back to you with an answer shortly.

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Thank you, @sovol3d - appreciate it.

I’ve discovered what the problem was, thanks to help from a user in the FB Sovol forum…the bin file needs to have a simple name, like “firmware.bin” or similar. I used “Dana01.bin” at his suggestion and that worked, the firmware update completed successfully and the printer is running fine.

Second requirement is that you can’t re-use a .bin file name, so each time you update the FW you need to use a new file name. E.g., firmware01.bin, firmware02. bin, etc.

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