Solved: Can the SV05 accept new FW builds from Sovol github source? Answer is yes!

The SV05 source code is available on the Sovol github, which is good.

I wanted to confirm that the SV05 is unlocked and able to accept new FW builds from users. I have modified the HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS section (removed comment markers) and built the source in VS Code to enabled Host Action Commands so the printer can communicate better with Octoprint.

I updated the version number in version.h:
2023-02-09 07_15_03-● Version.h - SV05-Source-Code-main - Visual Studio Code

The code builds w/out error, but when I put the new bin file on an empty SD card, insert it in the printer and turn on the printer, the printer does not apply the update. It just boots up normally.

Is there anything else I need to do in VS Code to get the printer to recognize/take the FW update from the SD card? The SD card reader on the printer is working - I can browse SD card contents and print from it.

Or is the SV05 somehow locked down and can only take official releases?

I’ve found a solution - simply rename the bin file on the SD card something different from the Sovol naming structure (e.g., don’t use SV05_V1211 or SV05_122). After renaming the file the update completed and the modified SV05 FW w/Octoprint communication enhanced is working.

Sovol - may I suggest that you make this a standard feature in your SV05 FW? Can’t see any reason why this feature isn’t enabled in your FW for your customers.


Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll let it be noticed by the engineer.


Thanks for asking, appreciate it