just received the SV06 today, I’m done building it and trying to install the software now.
In the user manual the Cura version mentioned is 1.5.0 but I can’t find it on the SD that was delivered with the printer and if I go to the website I can find there “only” version 1.3.0 for download.

Where can I find the 1.5.0?

Also, but this might be off topic, is there a way to run all this on linux computers?


Hello, I just received a new SOVOL SV05 printer. I would like to start working with it with the most recent release of software. Unfortunately, the link provided does not show any file any longer but an error message tells that the file was moved to the trash folder. Would you please be so kind as to post another link to the most recent software file so that I can download it and start working with my new Sovol SV05 on best practise base? Many thanks in advance