I need Sovol Cura 1.5.6. Upgraded to 1.5.7 and UI nightmare and broken

Why isnt there a download page for past releases? Like any normal company offers. I upgraded unfortunately to 1.5.7 and now Im stuck waiting till someone replies with a link since the UI doesnt work right and the support blockers are not working. They were working fine on 1.5.6. I cant finish my project without the blockers working.

For the record Im on Windows 11

the ui main issue I cant see everything on left anymore and doesnt expand even on full screen.

Why don’t you install the last official release of Cura, not the Sovol’s release ?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Does it have the all the features with the profiles for SV04? Dual mode, single mode and copy and all? Thats why Ive been using the sovol version.

I don’t remember how I’ve done it but I have all the SV04 printers (dual, single 1, single 2, copy, mirror).
I wonder if installing above version of Sovol is not enough.

Thanks. It looks like the lastest version of cura has them automatically in there now. Works like should. Trying first print now.