Solved: What is the SV05 source code release date?

EDIT/UPDATE: Turns out the issue was that the “Sovol SV05 Firmware Source Code” line in the SV05 downloads section was not formatted as a link (does not currently display the standard link underline) like the other SV05 downloads do.

However that text is an active link and will take you to the SV05 page on the Sovol Github:

So it’s all good. Sovol indicated they will get the page updated at some point so the link displays properly.

The SV05 source code is not available on the printer support downloads page. The “Firmware Source Code” line does not display a link.

Can you please post the source code, or let us know when it will be released?

Thank you.


Hi @Danabw Thank you for your message. We noticed that you’ve deleted the topic “What is the SV05 source code release date?” for some reason. Let me know if you’ve resolved the issue. If not, please feel free to get in touch. :grinning: