SOVOL sv04

Hello all I have had the sv04 now for a while now it prints great and work great apart from a few minor issues my question is what is the reason to update the firmware and the display screen I see their are updates but am reluctant to touch any of the setting because it works great and am worried if I do any updates that it won’t work as good as it does now so I guess I am looking for advice if it should be done and the benefits of doing it or not I have don’t a few upgrades to it

The reason for updating firmware / display software is to improve those pesky little things & to get new features and/or hardware addons running properly. Usually the new firmware version should come with a documentation about the new or altered features.
Turning back to the current state is no big deal: It is always possible to install a previous firmware version.

Can you put a link to the files for your modifications?
Also to your Tupperware boxes. Do they work well? I assume the shelf in there is for desiccant.