SV06 firmware corruption

During the course of the day, my SV06 displays a pattern of corruption in the display that grows slowly worse over time. It seems to start with random interrupts, phantom button presses on the encoder wheel when no one is nearby, that gradually result in errors on the screen.

I updated to firmware labeled “V192_1103-0.8” a few days ago, but the problem seems to persist. It doesn’t appear to affect the quality of printer, but it does have me worried that there is an Out of Bounds Write to memory that is slowly corrupting the device until it has a critical failure.

Let me know if there is any debug information I can gather and upload that would help.

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Hi Every1,
if the problem persists despite different firmware versions it seems to be a display problem. From your description a cold solder joint seems to be likely. You may want to ask Sovol to exchange your display unit.


I had the same problem. It first started with some minor issues and radom pixels. After a few days, the display only showed random pixels. One day, the whole printer was down and couldn’t be reflashed. Sovop “support” doesn’t seem to car much about it, since I wrote four Mails describing the issues and I didn’t even received a single response.

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Take the screen off and put it on a table to see if this is the case, check for electrical interference nearby

Format the TF card before flashing the firmware. Only the firmware is placed in the card, and no other files are placed; it may be that the firmware has been successfully flashed.

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New to forum, new to sv06 one day,2years creality ender. After 2 years the stock card on creality seems to be degrading. Look on Reddit, sv06 sovol group, there’s some posts that stock card that was included with the sv06 is easily corrupted. Recommend better quality card, like sandisk and possibly 16gb max card, due to incompatability to sv06 mother board. Long thread so can’t remember it all.