Does Sovol Support cares at all about its customer issues?

My SV06 just got broken after a few days of use! Support won’t answer me at all even after several messages.

See the broken printer:

There are some other post in this forum describing this problem. Just search for “firmware corruption” or “mainboard brick”

Discouraging to see. I had to email due to a problem with my new SV01 Pro and no response, not even an auto-response.

I have emailed Sovol support several times, no response at all. Not acceptable, and not what I have experienced with two other 3D printer makers. My SV01 has been very difficult to get working properly, I still have questions, I am not a happy Sovol customer.

Customer Support was sick the last couple of days - so theres no response. They are trying to work trough all the email - so send a new one

Sorry for causing you trouble. Seems like it is a broken screen. maybe the mainboard is also damaged. Could you please PM Sovol3d or email with the order id and the issue? My colleague will help you.
We were sick last week due to covid-19 and hurry up to deal with email and messages recently. Sorry again for the late response.

Sorry to hear that. May I know What the issue you encounter is?
And whether you email the or did you PM Sovol3d on FB?

Sorry for causing you trouble, but wanna check if you email

Yes I got a good response yesterday indicating Covid was causing them problems.

I also got a response, and they told me it was due to covid in China. However, i sent them the desired pictures and information concerning my problems and nothing happened so far. That’s some days ago.