SV04 hothead temperature variation with 2 heads


I try to print a model with 2 differents filaments, PLA and PETG. Often when switching from one head to another the temperature change from what i’ve said to another temperature.

What can I do to fix this problem?

Hi Dunbir,
check your slicer settings - this sounds like an anti-oozing / standby temperature feature enabled. Also it could be a result of custom g-code settings e.g. for printing a heat tower with different layer temperatures.

Thanks for reply.

I’ve no tower and haven’t modified g-code settings but you’re right it’s probably slicer settings, I’m not used to cura nor with two head settings. Only using 1 head / 1 color until now.

I’ve modified the settings to use one head for raft with PLA and another head for model and support with PETG and it works until now. I’ll continue like this for this model which is big and I’ll make some more test later with a small model.