Sovol SV06 Firmare update? broken firmware files?

Hi, I would like to understand what the latest firmware for the Sovol SV06 is.

On the page Firmware Download, there is a link to “Sovol SV06 Latest Firmware (24th Feb 2023)” that leads to two files on Google Drive:

  1. SV06_V1.8.3.bin.crdownload” dated January 13, 2024
  2. SV06 Firmware Update Information.docx” dated January 12, 2024

Inside the docx file, there is mention of firmware SV06V2.0.0A_2.24, which was released in February 2023.

The name of the .bin file, presumably the firmware file, raises several questions:

  1. Why is it named V1.8.3 if the latest version is V2.0.0A_2.24?

  2. Why does it end with .crdownload? crdownload is the extension Chrome adds when a download is incomplete. How can one trust a file named like this?

  3. Why were these files updated a few days ago if V2.0.0A_2.24 is firmware from almost a year ago?

Thank you


Hi, I have the same question. Which is the latest firmware?

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I wanted to update the firmware but i don’t want to flash something that has .crdownload as extension

Got some help from the Sovol Facebook group, the SV06_V1.8.3.bin.crdownload firmware is an empty file. DO NOT use, it will brick your device.


i imagined it, i’ve tried to email the assistance but all i got was “download it here” (it was the same file)

Thank you, Timber, I had this suspicion!
It’s incredible that Sovol support completely ignores these questions and this issue.

It appears Sovol has updated the page for firmware updates: Firmware Download . As per this page and the email I received from the support team, the latest firmware version for the stock SV06 as of today is: SV06V2.0.0A_2.24-BCI.bin . In my case, the support team replied in a timely and accurate manner to my support request.

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Great news, thank you!