Firmware update

A firmware update for the Sovol was just announced (this week!). Had anyone installed it yet? The files are available but no information on how to install it was given. I could probably figure it out, but with firmware, it’s a dangerous game. Anyone?

I saw too, but no information on what is changed or corrected!

And why 3 files ? :thinking::thinking:

3 files ?? I only found 2 (SV06 Plus Mainboard Firmware.bin and SV06 Plus_V1.1.5_0324.bin)

Here there are :

Don’t forget the touchscreen firmware.
BTW, I don’t know what the file SV06 Plus Mainboard Firmware is for. It’s not a .bin file.

They are both .bin files…you will see once downloaded.

Of course I’ve already done it.
There’s always the same amount files.

We need some direction from Sovol. What files do what? How to install? What to do if there’s a failure? All the usual stuff that responsible vendors provide to their clients.

I’d do a regular 6 or a plus with just the .bin file from a trusted source.

And I am uber noob with any command line that aint DOS

The tft stuff for the screen I wont touch

Huh, yea, That may be great,… So is that a touchscreen a self executing thru the card on the bord, or is this running a self executing from the slot on the screen?

Normally, you have to insert the sd card in the slot which is located on the screen board.

Yea, that one involves chanting an incense to insure good outcomes

Not necessarily if we can have clear explanations like a tutorial.

Well, if its clean code, with a clean self installer, Good to go.

The aforementioned will be written by the same crew that forked the Cura 4.2 then slapped their Brand name onto with pride, so, many lemmings will jump before I do.

The machine firmware is to be looked forward to tho.

I totally agree, very unprofessional. No one in there right mind would consider installing without release notes, upgrade instructions and rollback notes. Come on Sovol get a grip

Good reply Kayjay. Couldn’t have said it better.

Nothing to get excited about. Examined the .bin files
SV06 Plus Mainboard Firmware.bin 198,028 bytes Last Updated: 2023-02-20 Version 1.1.4
SV06 Plus_V1.1.5_0324.bin 198,084 bytes Last Updated: 2023-03-23 Version 1.1.5
It’s the files we already had, just reposted.

When I download the firmware files the SV06 Plus Mainboard Firmware files has not extionsion. Can I rename it easily? And for what is this file?
After I have installed the SV06 Plus_V1.1.5_0324.bin the device stuck in the Logo screen and not showing the settings. How to get it to work again?