Sovol SV01 Pro - X axis not parallel with printers frame *figured it out*

Edit : I found this video. I think you guys should include this guide in the manual for the Sovol SV01

I just realized tonight that my printers X axis is pitched up quite a bit on the right hand side. I was wondering why first layer extrusion was so close on the left side and too far on the right. The printer has no Z axis limit switches like my Anycubic printer. How would I go about leveling the X-axis?

Also I dont like how the printer is constantly homing to the center of the build platform. The menu and functions are quite un-intuitive when it comes to just controlling the steppers. My Anycubic printer gives me far more control.

Also the printer does not automatically cool down after completing a print. I have to manually hit “Finish print” on the touch screen every time.

Hello, tonberryhunter
1, please refer to the video on the X-axis and gantry adjustment, Sovol SV01: How to level your X axis on 3d printer? - YouTube
2、No automatic cooling after printing is completed, please try to refresh the firmware first, firmware + tutorial: SV01 Pro V1.2.0 - Google Drive
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Have a look at the thread SV01 X axis levelling thoughts all will be revealed.

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