SV01 X axis levelling thoughts

Some people - including me to a small degree - have had issues with the X axis runner not being level. This appears to be chance on particular machines and is probably a QC problem. It can cause leaning (tall) prints, or in an extreme case, make it hard to level.

I put some thoughts down on this some time ago (they probably also apply to other models, but I only have an SV01) -

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How is this a QC problem? You bought a sub $300 dollar printer, You could have spent $1200 on a printer and you might not have that issue. But that being said. The X-axis leveling issue effect on prints is exaggerated by most people. Sovol has a you tube video on how to make it better, and i made some stands to make it easier on Thingiverse. SOVOL SV01/SV01 PRO Z-Axis Calibration / Gantry Stand by Rickster01 - Thingiverse .5mm or less is great, 1mm or less is good enough.

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Its not so much a QC problem as a simple design error. Looking at the machine from the front, it is not possible, when everything is assembled, to get at the screws that hold the X axis extrusion to the blue bracket. Any adjustment puts a strain on the bracket. I have a solution to the problem and will publish the details when I have worked out how to upload or link a pdf to this site.

Well, true, but it could be viewed as a QC problem.

If Sovol assembled the X runner on a jig and the jig allowed access to the cap head screws, and also made everything line up square, then there would be no need for the likes of you and me to ever touch those screws. Presumably that is not how it is done since they often aren’t square.

However a better design would just make all four screw heads easily accessible. But, they should still make sure the X runner is square on assembly.

My solution - that I never used in the end - was simply to replace those screws with slim norm hex head bolts (there’s just room), and then I would be able to get at them with slim open ended spanners.

I wish you luck trying to upload a PDF. The site probably won’t let you because you are a new user - it didn’t let me anyway (after it had decided I was user of the month) - and when I tried to link to a PDF stored on private space of my own it refused to allow that either. It actually allowed the first two links, of which this is one, and refused thereafter.

I talked to the staff managing the site, and got nowhere. Then gave up.

It is a QC problem because Sovol say it should be within +/-1mm, and it often isn’t.

Sorry but, after the machine is shipped and bounced around by UPS or other shippers, and re assembled. it will have to be corrected by they end user. People expect way too much from a $300 printer. Maybe 1000-1500 dollar printer will be true when received.

Hello Nick, thanks for your comments. An assembly jig would certainly help with getting the alignment right, but I don’t think that’s the way they work. I like your idea of the thin hex head bolts, more elegant than my solution. It will be a few days before I can try loading up a pdf as I am on holiday at the moment and the document I want is on another computer at home. Having had my SV01 for well over a year I still think its a great piece of kit for the money.
Best Regards, Peter

It certainly is good value, if I needed to buy a new printer, it would be right there.

A caveat on my proposed approach to this - it was created by looking at the printer, I never actually did it. Caveat Emptor!

I cannot agree with you there at all I’m afraid. That part is not designed to be adjustable and is supplied assembled. Not only that, there is no easy way of making an adjustment.

The fact is is $300 not $1200, doesn’t make any difference to me.

Firstly $300 is still not peanuts, and secondly whatever limitations it has by virtue of its cost such as being a bed slinger, no auto bed leveller, no all metal hotend etc are absolutely fine to me - you know what you are buying. However I think it is reasonable to assume that the bits supplied assembled are assembled right (nothing in transport affected mine), and sometimes they aren’t. That is poor.

That being said, I think the balance of features to price, especially given its upgradeability, was excellent. It is just the above type of points I do not like.

However that is just my opinion, and you, of course, are perfectly entitled to yours.

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Sovol SV01 Modifications.pdf (4.3 MB)
Here are some more thoughts on leveling the X axis.

Yes, slightly different approach with the same effect, very neat.

How did you get them to allow the PDF to upload? Wouldn’t let me, simply said new users cannot upload.

Thanks Nick. I didn’t do anything special to upload the pdf, just used the upload button in the tool bar above the text box.
Your idea of the reduced head hex bolts would cost Sovol next to nothing to implement, it would nice to see them take such action.

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