Setup - Aux Leveling will not run

Hi all I am looking for some help. I just received my SV04 and I am trying to perform the AUX Level and no matter what I do when I start the process from the touch screen the printer will not move off of position 1. Any help is appreciated.

Again this is a new out of box printer and I can’t get past this step in the installation. - Frustrating!

Try a firmware update.

I’ll give that a try and will post on the outcome.

still the same results after flashing to 1.1.0.

Well, this sounds strange - did you try homing & heating up left nozzle + printbed before starting aux levelling?

Yes. It homes and heats up fine after that nothing. I’m pretty much at a loss at this point.

In that case I would try Brandon Phillips’ Firmware - he added some useful updates to aux leveling including auto tramming. His latest firmware is here. Please note that this firmware needs an additional display software update that can be found here.

Just wanted to thank you. With the help of support from Sovol themselves I was able to resolve my issue.

I’m glad you were able to resolve your problem. Could you please share how you were able to fix the problem with Sovol Tech Support?? I have a similar problem (touchscreen is unresponsive after first Aux Leveling move). I’m working through ALL the different threads of advice (without success). Could you please share what worked for you? Thank you.