Set Up's - Auto Levelling - Z Axis

Hello, I am not quite sure whether it is necessary to undertake the Auto Levelling, Z-Axis offsets etc every time the printer is switched on anew. Sometimes I have just gone to print straight away and print works. Other times the print has failed and I have undertaken the set up offsets. Thanks in advance.

To solve the leveling problem, you can use this :

Since I installed it I have no longer leveled the bed.

Assuming you leave the printer alone between prints (aside from changing spools) and don’t pick it up and move it around it shouldn’t go out of adjustment.

It shouldn’t be necessary to do any levelling etc before each print - I certainly don’t do that, and very rarely have any issue. I just keep printing without doing any adjustments until I notice an issue with the first layer.

The only one I occasionally find myself having to tweak is the z-axis offset to get a perfect first layer, but you’re only talking about adjusting it 0.05mm or so.

Many thanks. I’ll try the approach.