Bed leveling procedure

Hi. I’ve read the bed leveling instruction and I’m little bit confused of how to do it properly.

Acording to the manual the steps are:

  1. Auto Z-axis Alignment.
  2. Adjust Z offset.
  3. Click Save to save the Z offset.
  4. Click Auto Leveling.
  5. Should I click “Save” again or no ? In manual under Auto Leveling there is a notification to click “Save Settings”. There is no Save Settings button on the screen.

So, when Auto Leveling is done to my understanding the printer is ready and I should not click Save button under Z-offset. Is that correct ?

my understanding is the save, saves the adjustments you make when changing (- / +). You must save after making them.

I always click save again after the auto leveling because I figure it can’t hurt, but I don’t know for sure and have yet to do any large prints or test patterns to see how it really works.

I believe that the firmware auto saves the bed levelling , but I always do a manual save for piece of mind.