Random thermal runaway on SV03 bed. PID command fails

I’m having some problems with my heat bed randomly going to a thermal runaway error. I’ve had it stop after one layer and after 24 hours for no reason. Have not seen a spike in the temp on octoprint.
When trying to do a PID on my SV03 bed the system will not accept the 303 E-1. Returns “PID Autotune failed! Bad extruder number.”
Is the machine using a different e number for the bed?
Also when I tried to update the firmware using CURA it would not connect to the computer. Cura wouldn’t show files to upload.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @WayneT Sorry for the late response. In the case that this issue hasn’t been addressed yet or other users come across a similar situation, here are some testing methods for your reference, hope it might help.

  1. Heat the hot bed for 10 minutes and observe if it is still thermally out of control. Measure the resistance value of the hot bed thermistor at normal room temperature with a multimeter and feedback pictures to us if the resistance value of the hot bed thermistor is abnormal. Accurate judgment on the issue is preferablly built with feedback pictures
    (Test resistance method: Multimeter gear rotated to 200KΩ gear, multimeter measuring pen placed on the thermistor wire terminals. (Refer to the picture)

  1. Initialize the motherboard and then try again with PID.
  2. It may be caused by not haveing installed the correct version of the driver. Sovol SV03 is compatible with Mac and Windows versions, respectively.

Below is the download file for reference.

CH341SER.rar (128.0 KB)
CH34x_Install_V1.5.rar (25.7 KB)