Preheating bed

I am having a problem with preheating the bed. The current temperature is 16 I tried to get it to 60. As soon as I try an alarm goes off saying bed heating failed please reset

Until the real help comes along:

Did bed heating work before? If new printer, is the power supply setting in the correct position for your power?

Hi @Isisrose Sorry to read that. Here is a similar topic that has been discussed before for your reference, hope it can give you some clues on how to address the issue in the next step.

(SV 06 heat bed causes error)

In the meantime, below are more tips to help you rule out the problem.

  • Replug the connection wire

  • Test the current with a Multi-meter

I am new to 3D printing. Before I try that is there a reset button

To reset the machine, you simply flip the red power switch to the off position, wait a few seconds, then flip it back to the on position. The picture I provided is my machine with the power switch in the on position.

Auto pid the bed. The bed temperature is fluctuating hence it is shutting down. Safety measures build into the firmware. Auto pid (bed and nozzle) will fix the fluctuating temperature.

This is an ender 3 pro. Sv03 should use the same Merlin firmware. Ymmv. You can set auto pid bed to any temperature. 60 degrees is fine. Let it do it things. Can take sometime when it adjusting the temperature.

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Autotune E1 is for your nozzle. If you’re getting temperature fluctuation than run it. I set mine to 200 but any printing temperature value is fine. It happens from time to time. No worries just run autotune.

Thank you guys so much

Great info that I’m sure I’ll be glad I have some time int the future, thanks!