Problems reaching high bed temp

In order to print ABS I need a bed temp of ~105. However when starting a job, the bed heating fails with an error around 95 degrees with a failure and a shrieking alarm.
So, I just tried manually via octoprint setting the bed to 95, then manually 3 degrees at a time waiting, then raising it again. 95, to 98, to 101 etc. It took a while, but I eventually made it to 105. Then immediately starting the print, where the gcode calls for a bed temp of 105.
The print is working and the ABS is sticking now.

So, the bed CAN reach the temp I want, it just seems like something is timing out and calling it a failure?

But every time I ask for a 105 bed temp, starting from a cooled bed, I always get the failure and alarm.

I just unboxed the printer yesterday. Upgraded from an old i3 clone that was 8 years old.

I take it back. It failed after about 10 minutes with the screaming alarm, octoprint says:

Reported error: Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed - Printer halted. kill() called!

Hi, Lantech.
The temperature parameter of the hot bed on the official website is up to 100 degrees, which can be achieved at normal room temperature (there is no standard temperature range) (may be affected by the air conditioner). It is recommended to use it with an enclosure.

Also, the printer should not be used in an environment with strong air circulation such as fans and air conditioners, which is conducive to cooling. The sv03 hot bed plate is relatively large, and the slow heating may cause a thermal runaway alarm.

I posted a reply to someone with a similar problem on reddit, perhaps it will help you, but I’m a little confused with your reply saying it failed again. For my testing, following the below steps, the bed stayed at temp for ~30 minutes or more before I stopped testing:

“ I don’t print at these temps, but tested for someone else who had issues on reddit. Without an enclosure, going straight to 100+ fails, as it takes too long and triggers the thermal runaway safety. To workaround this - put in two lines in the startup gcode, one to about 85/90C, and then the second to the actual temp you want. This won’t trigger thermal runaway.

If you’re doing ABS/ASA, do you also have an enclosure?”