Problems installing the mixing hot-end on a SovolSV02

Hey guys. I bought my Sovol SV02 almost 6 months ago and I’ve never gotten a good dual color print out of it. It seemed like when it was switching from one extruder to the other, it wasn’t retracting the filament enough so they were getting jammed and creating clogs. I lost two of the basic hot ends to “blobs of death”.

Then I decided to get a mixing hot end because, if it’s designed to let them mix, surely it wouldn’t clog up. I installed the hotend and flashed the firmware for the screen. That seemed to work and I see the mixing sub-menu in the settings but, if I click it, the back button doesn’t work. I have to restart the printer in order to get out of that setting menu.

Then, when I try to flash the firmware on the printer itself, Cura can’t find the printer.

I’m kind of at the end of my rope here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


For the original hotend, could you try to use the profile on the sovol official website?

About the mix color hotend, did you flash the corresponding mainboard firmware after installing the mix color hotend? Here is a tutorial for your reference.
The stock hotend motherboard firmware and the mixed-color screen firmware are not completely matched, and some functions cannot be used to achieve interaction and may result in the stuck screen.

For the problem that the cura can’t not recognize the printer, please confirm if the port is shown in the device manager, if no, you may need to use another USB cable or another port.
It may also be the problem of the driver, you could install a drive as shown here,
If there is still the problem after installing the driver, please try to uninstall and reinstall it or download a driver repair software similar to “DevID Agent”.

Totally missed your reply. I’ll try this shortly. Thanks for getting back to me!