Nozzle Mintemp error

I was cleaning out my nozzle because of a filament jam, booted it up and it gave me a mintemp error, rendering it useless, ive asked everywhere for the past 2 months and havent gotten anything,mintemp error is below in the comments.

I do remember people saying that I might need to look at the temperature sensing cable through the motherboard but the screws are too tight

Hi Cosmo

It sounds like you broke your thermistor heat sensor while trying to fix your issue.
It’s not an uncommon issue, it happened to me a lot on my ender 3.
If I were you I would buy a thermistor heat sensor from Amazon (or similar website) and just replace it.

alrighty, thanks. Im having trouble accessing the motherboard though, the screws are practically welded on, plus, how can I even take the cable out and all that?

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What I will say is the way I would handle it. But you should talk to the sovol team to make sure before hand.

I would buy a drill bit the size of the screw (it’s either 3mm or 4mm) that could drill through metal.
I would use it on the screw cap to destroy it to open the box.

That’s what I did when I had this issue with a stepper motor that had this issue and it needed to be replaced.

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1, first on the motherboard exchange nozzle thermistor and hot bed thermistor test.
a, after the exchange nozzle thermistor normal temperature measurement, that is the motherboard problem.
b, after the exchange of the nozzle thermistor -14 degrees, that is the nozzle thermistor problem.
Thank you
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Sovol Team