Mintemp and mintemp bed error

Hi everybody,

While cleaning the heating head following a blockage, I made a short circuit. after that a mintemp error is displayed. Nozzle and bed stay at 0 degrees. I changed the hotend with the sovol extruder hotend update 1.75mm. nothing has been solved. Do you have any ideas ? Mintemp error message is stil here

Hi MoOsSaA
What is the ambient temperature? Is it much different from the temperature of the machine? If the difference is large, it may be the motherboard or thermistor damage, it is recommended to check according to the video; If the difference is not significant, it is recommended to change the indoor temperature, such as turning on air conditioning to heat up.SV01PROscreendisplay.mp4 - Google Drive
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Sovol Team

Thanks for your answer. Ambiant temperature is around 23 degrees so a huge difference. I ordered a new board I will see…

Hello MoOsSaA,
Maybe you can try to contact the customer service that you bought from. Maybe they will reissue a new motherboard for free to you Could you please let me know where did you buy it? I will provide the contact information to you.
Thank you
Sovol Team

Hi, I ordered it on Amazon with sovol Eu (order 171-4354758-0869949).
I already made a order for a new board on your website (order #18476) if you can turn it into customer service and do it for free I will be the happier ! :blush:

Hello MoOsSaA,
I’m really sorry because I can not do that.
But you can contact customer service and maybe they can do that.



Thank you
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Sovol Team

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question on 3D printing (:



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Ok many thanks I will do it