Nozzle hitting bed before cr touch probe?

I replaced the Sovol SV04’s tubing with the better Capricorn tubing but for some reason the nozzle hits first? I’m not 100% sure if this was the cause as I upgraded it a while ago and it worked fine, the only other thing I have tried to do is add a glass bed. The glass bed was when it started doing that but then I switched back to the normal bed and it still does it? I may be missing something obvious; any help would be appreciated.

I unscrewed the cr-touch a bit and it works with the stock bed, I don’t think this is a good/proper solution but it works i guess.

Maybe you’ve screwed the heat break too deep into the heat block, so that the nozzle now protrudes too far. Each turn results in 1mm height distance.

Wait so I need to unscrew it? that seems a bit counter intuitive?

Wait do I have to unscrew the heat break and then screw in the nozzle further? Btw why is the max temp 260 if it has a heat break?

Sorry for so many replies, I fixed the problem by doing what you said!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, with the addition of the custom firmware, glass bed, and fixing this problem; new life has been given to my sv04

Hi again, thanks a lot for your feed-back. It’s good to hear that your SV04 is working again.
I suppose you already adjusted & saved the Z-offset between nozzle and touch sensor.

The 260°C limit is Sovol’s specification. Imho this is due to the heat characteristics of the insulation materials attached to the heatblock. The heatbreak itself could also be a reason as it encases a PTFE tube, that usually won’t survive higher temperatures very long.