Need advice about Jumper Wire on 4.2.2 board for laser engraving module

I will pretty much copy paste what I posted on reddit a few minutes ago. Since I cant post multimedia nor links here because I have a new account go there to see pictures and relevant links. All text remains the same

I bough a Sovol laser module to use in my S01Pro some time ago (like a year), a friend of mine who co owns the printer installed the required wires then but we didnt test the laser module.

We have been printing since then with no issues

This weekend I wanted to test it, I open up the Mainboard to make sure my friend put the wires as required, the main cable is ok, connected to a controllable fan conector but I found out that the jumper wire is in a different position than the one shown on the tutorial video

Jumper position acording to SOVOL video IMG on reddit

How I found the Jumper in my machine IMG on reddit

4.2.2 Board in the SOVOL 01 pro manual IMG on reddit

So according to the Sovol tutorial the Jumper should connect the negative of the nozzle port to the negative of the hotbed port allegedly to avoid burning the board while using the laser (Which is connected to a controlable fan control)

While in my machine the jumper goes from the positive of the “normal fan port” to the positive of the Hotbed port.

One comment in the Youtube section mentions that wiring the bed to the hotend with the jumper could create a thermal runoff if the printer is used for 3d printing

Image in reddit

My friend tells me he did everything according to the instructions (We lost the printed manual and the PDF one in the SOVOL page is a 2 page simple manual that never mentions the Jumper cable) so we are kinda confused if we should change it so the jumper is in the same position as in the video or if we should leave the jumper as it is (or remove it althogether)

I researched further and found out the schematics of the 4.2.2 board

4.2.2 relevant Schematics Image on reddit

I may not be well versed in electronic schematics but I think it makes no sense to connecto the - bed to the - nozzle (as shown in the video) if the laser is attached to the controlable fan circuit

I could use some insigth or recommendation from better informed people, should I follow Sovol Video or not? Is my printer at risk by using the Jumper wire in any of this configurations?

we have been using the printer with the jumper between the Fan positive and the Bed positive for over a year

If by malpractice my board is fried could I replace it by a 4.2.7?