40 W Laser Kit And SV04 Install Questions

I hope I can get some direction on questions I have about the 40W laser kit for the SV04 printer. I used this Youtube video as a guide:

How to Install the 5W Output 40W Input Laser Module on Sovol SV04 IDEX…

The bracket for the SV04 install on the laser, itself, doesn’t seem to line up. I can use one screw, but not a second one. Did I get the correct bracket? The mounting brackets broke - Would an STL of both parts of the bracket be available and I can reprint these parts?

If I understand the video correctly, the power connector can be inserted in KFAN1 or KFAN2. I am hoping to leave the fan for the extruder plugged into KFAN1 and keep the laser power cable plugged into KFAN2 all the time - even when 3D printing, but M106 seems to only power KFAN1. Might there be another M code to power KFAN2?