SV04 40W Laser Bracket STL

I purchased the 40W laser kit to install on an SV04 the 2 plastic brackets were not included in the kit.
I have searched with no luck for the STL files, so I can print them myself.

Are the STL files for the 2 piece bracket available for download? I am unable to locate a download link.

@Sovol.Claudia can you provide the stl files?
Or someone from sovol support ?

May I know if you received the stl files we sent on June 3rd?

tico via Sovol3d forum <> 于2023年6月3日周六 03:11写道:

SV04 laser (16 KB)

And I have sent an email asking for help with an issue… My SVO4 Z axis will not go down… only up.
Will not home or bed level… I am able to get the Z Axis to go up in the move screen… when commanded to go down it will not move down…

What steps can I take to troubleshoot this?

I am not sure why this is happening.

Unit is less than 2 months old.