Questions about some of the Setup buttons on the SV04

I’ve continued to edit this post, as I find answers to my own questions… I have italicized my most recent updates.

Got through SV04 setup, and have the pizza model in two colors with very good alignment, Yeah! I do have some remaining questions about some of the options.

  1. When Save is offered, I should use it to save any updated values, right?

I think I have that right. It’s just that I did not notice this step in the instructions.

  1. What is Initialize EPROM and when should it be used?
    Sounds useful, but I didn’t have the nerve to select it. What does it initialize the EPROM to, factory settings, calibrations to zero, write current calibrations to the EPROM for permanent settings, or something else ?

Found that Initialize EPROM restores stored default values. So if this is selected, the printer needs to be set up again.

  1. What is Auto Z-level and when should it be used?
    Sounds useful, but didn’t notice it used in the instructions. Is it measuring tilt of the X axis, to the bed? Does it then adjust the Z steppers to zero out the tilt? Or save the offset with auto level values? Seems redundant with auto leveling.

The Auto Z-Level feature levels the X axis by adjusting the right and left Z stepper motors based on the BL touch measurements. Seems to me you need to be sure that the bed is level prior to Auto Z-level.


Really thank you for your sharing!

Thank you Sovol3d, . Glad you provide this forum, and you are monitoring it.

Seems goofy of me to answer my own questions, but I continued to search after posting. Just hope my answers are correct

Hello Chrashing.
Your self-questioning is great, it means you have a strong spirit of exploration. That’s what we want to see. The ability to try to find a solution to a problem and work towards it. This process of exploration is part of the fun of a 3D printer. If you encounter any problems that you can’t solve, feel free to talk to our customer service as well.
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