Need a new bed

So my bed died on friday tried to repair it.
it heats up but the pla won’t stick after the second layer.
Gues i just need a new bed.

Try cleaning it with some soap and warm water, and looks like your nozzle is a bit to close try calibrating it. What temperatures do you use?

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If it heat up your bed isn’t dead. It’s working as intended. Redo your bed leveling. Use glue stick. Use brim. Increase bed temperature.

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Hello, I think this response is for someone else. I sent a request to check on a new purchase.

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Sounds to me like your Z offset is too far from the bed. Use the Probe Z Offset function to lower it until a piece of paper makes contact with the nozzle. Save Settings. And follow the other responders advice if you still have problems.

I did the z offset so the nozzle schrappes the paper hard,
But doesn’t tear it so maybe its to close?

Will try that thanks👍

I had this problem when cleaning the bed with IPA, it became like teflon to my PLA+ though it worked with the sample that came with the printer. Take to to the sink and scrub it with dish soap…

Also print the first layer with .3 layer height, 5 degrees warmer than normal, 115 % feed, and 30 mm per sec or less. This gets you a good first layer. But like others said check your z height, and auto level after each time you change it.

hm, the outer ring looks pretty good. have you tried another 3d-model?
do you have any possibility to measure the true temperature of your print bed? Print beds can also be partly damaged, for example I have an PrusaMK3 Printbed with a corner that has 10°C lower temperature then the rest. since then, I check all my printbeds regulary for defects.

What is the bed temperature for your print.

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And we are back in busines
Z offset a little higher 0.05mm and cleaned the bed with window cleaner :+1:
Speed set at 60 nozzle 205 bed 60 fan 25%

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Your machine came with a Leveling Guide sheet like the pic. You must carefully follow all the steps in order including the Z Probe Offset adjustment. When using a piece of paper to judge the setting, you want to lower the print head (the value of the Z offset will be a negative number like -1.35) so it just barely touched. Your actual value should be close to -1.35. Once all the steps are done, print the pre-sliced benchy on the SD card. If successful you can then move on to slicing models yourself, if not then repeat all steps, watch Sovol SV06 YouTube videos and try again. Gotta go!

My minimum bed temperature is 70c. Invest in a glue stick. They cost $1 at wal-mart. If you have young kids you can probably steal one from them.

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Something they forget to mention in the instructions, after saving the configuration (post leveling):
If you power off the machine, you MUST reload the configuration when you start it up again.

I do this by adding a

M420 S1

to my startup script. Easy peasy and no way to forget.

It was having me pull whats left of my hair out wondering why I suddenly had adhesion issues.

Thanks for that. Just to clarify… Are you saying that after completing all the calibrations (leveling, etc.), you print something and then power off. Upon startup all your calibration settings are not loaded due to the omission of that mcode? So it powers up in a non-calibrated state?

He saying you need to save the setting before turning it off. In the bed leveling menu there is a save option. You only have to save it once after you finish bed leveling.

Whew! Okay, a premature power off before making an explicit Save Settings. Yea, that makes sense. Thx for the clarification to my clarification.