My filament gets stuck on the spool :(

My filament is getting tangled on itself on the spool, I always keep it under tension, and these are new spools, and from hatch box as well as overture.

I am running a 3d printing business, and have found multiple prints ruined by filament getting stuck on itself, which is wasted time, filament, and revenue.

I NEED a way to fix/prevent this. Have already tried re spooling it under tension.

I was wondering if there is a modification I can make to the spool holder that would prevent this? What about a spool holder that has a wedge that prys the spool up, or a guide whole for the spool? What is the whole spool holder rotated when it got stuck so that the orientation of the spool roll would change, and potentially “unstick” the filament? A spool holder that could “pull” filament?

Ideas, thoughts, links and STLS are welcome and encouraged.

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