Filament runout sensor adjustment

Hi there,

Just setting up my SV06+ for the first time and notice that the filament runout sensor is loose… not sure if it’s shipped that way on purpose and/or whether it needs to be adjusted for each roll of filament you put on the printer.

And I’m not sure which way it should face… any advice or help greatly appreciated.



I am considering rerouting the filament sensor using this…

Cable Chain ( SPINE ) for SOVOL SV06 3d printer extruder cable by rogerquin | Download free STL model |

…and mounting it onto something like this…

SV06 Plus filament runout mount by PLALord | Download free STL model |

Thanks, they’re both good mods that I will do as well.

I ended up tightening the screw that mounts the plastic sensor bracket to the metal spool bracket but I left the one that mounts the sensor to the sensor bracket loose, as it seems like it’s meant to be that way so it can move with the filament as it unwinds off the spool.

Let me know if I’m wrong.



No, your right. I did the same when mine.

You are absolutely correct. What I’ve noticed is that it works great when the extruder is closer to the bed but preforms poorly as the gantry goes higher and higher.

I have bypassed the sensor with a cutted peace of filament I placed inside and my filament roll is on the side by my printer. I have no space up the gantry that’s why I need to do it like this

Was thinking about disabling the sensor via the same method. However, today I was running a print, left the printer alone for about 20 minutes. When I came back the filament had somehow snapped and the printer had detected that and was paused. I followed the prompts on the panel and reloaded the filament. The printer happily went on its way after that. There’s a noticable ridge where it paused, but it’s nothing a bit of a scrape wouldn’t resolve.

Not sure why the filament snapped; I had a camera pointed at the bed to film the build, and while it picked up the filament runout, it didn’t show the actual snapping. It must have happened up near the spool.

Anyone ever seen that before?