Has anyone added a Filament Runout Sensor to their SV06

First - what happened to the SV06 section?

To the question - has anyone with an SV06 added a runout sensor? If so, which one and what dod it take to get things working?


I was planning on it, I even had a sensor ready to go, but the only socket on the main board that could accept the connector is occupied already. I contacted sovol to ask them what the cable does and never got a response. The interesting thing is that the cable in that socket has a tag on in labeled “DET” which could be interpreted to stand for “detector” but that functionality is not apparently available on the SV06.

I think this video can help you even if it’s for an Ender. The motherboard is the same as that of the sovol (32 bits)

Not my printer but i’am gonna try this.

That’s awfully close to the extruder. Almost no warning. I’d recommend up at the main horizontal header.

Did you figure out how to install the filament sensor in the SV06?