Compatible filament runout sensor for SV06

Hello team Sovol, now that you have the SV06 Plus out with a filament runout sensor, I was wondering if you have any plans to offer that sensor on the website for purchase and if it is compatible with the regular SV06? @sovol3d

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I have the same question, can we get a guide and part for adding the filament sensor?

I also want a compatible filament sensor for sv06

I know that Tim over at TH3D Studio on Youtube sells one for our machine SV06 and made a good installation video. I haven’t done business with him, but I have seen many of his outstanding videos and he knows his stuff.

I have connected it as I describe in the pdf but I bought a sensor for ender 3 and I had to modify it. Check that the Ground pin of the sensor is the normally open NO of the switch.

Add filament sensor with LED to Sovol SV06

In order to add a filament sensor to our Sovol SV06 3d printer we will need a three-wire cable with a 1.25 mm three-pin MOLEX female connector (Micro JST 1.25 Mm) and a three-pin JST-XH female connector of 2.54mm in addition to the filament sensor.

The sensor must be of the Makerbot type with the ground pin of the connector to the NO (Normally Open) pin of the switch.

The easiest thing to do is buy the 1.2mm 3-pin molex connector with cable and attach a 2.54 JST-XH connector to the other end.

“The creality sensors for ender 3 come with the NC pin grounded, so they will fail us.
The one in the photo is from ender 3 but I had to modify the tracks and now the LED turns on upside down. Use another one that has NO (Normally Open) to ground”.

Check the pins of your sensor (VCC, GND and SIGNAL) to connect to the extruder board connector (DET).

I leave you a pdf with the instructions
Add filament sensor with LED to Sovol SV06.pdf (2,8 MB)
Añadir sensor de filamento con LED a Sovol SV06.pdf (2,8 MB)