Missing filament extrusion in SV04, both extruders

I am getting these artifacts on both extruders at same area every time I print these.

Here are some on the things:

  1. Happens on both extruders
  2. Same area every time
  3. Filament has been dried
  4. Belts tensioned before
  5. No change if speed is reduced
  6. All standard settings except temperature (ASA)
  7. Printer has less than 100 hours.

As I use it to print commercially, my printer is essentially useless. Does anyone know how to solve this issue.



There are several options:

  • You could enhance the filament tension by adjusting the idler screw of each extruder.
  • You could calibrate your extrusion for each extruder.
  • You could unplug & skip the stock filament sensors that tend to hamper the filament flow.
  • You could adjust your slicer setting “extrusion multiplier” / “flow” rate for that filament type.

Thanks. I will try your suggestions.

I tried with more tension on filament and bypassed the sensor and it did not help. It seems the problem is with ASA only. PETG and PLA work fine. The extruder teeth are not grabbing the filament perhaps.