Left extruder unloads filament on print command

Hi, When I print either single or copy/mirror, the filament in the left extruder unloads and I get a message do I want to load the filament manually select yes or no. None of the options are available and it just stays like that so I press Print and the same thing happens again even though the filament is loaded and is ready to print. This never happens in dual mode, I thought it could be a firmware bug so I reinstalled John Carlson firmware but the error keeps happening. Anybody else have the same issue?

you may want to check the custom gcode section of your slicer for M702 instructions in the startcodes for mirror & config mode - this instruction will enforce a filament change.

Cheers and thanks very much, I will check that out. Iā€™m using the Sovol (Cura) slicer that shipped with the printer. At least I now know what I should be looking for.

Hi Bjoern, I checked all the start code for M702 but it is not in the start code nor is it in the gcode going to the printer. This only seems to happen with the left #1 extruder, I printed using the right #2 extruder and it printed fine without any issues. tomorrow after work I will try slicing in Cura and Prusa to see if the same thing occurs using the different slicers. Thanks for trying to help.

OK, using other slicers could be the easiest workaround.
Additionally, it might be interesting to analyze what went wrong in the firmware - would you mind uploading your gcode that led to this filament unload issue?

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