Tool change lagging in dual mode

I just replaced the motherboard on my SV04 cause I accidentally shorted the old one out. Whenever I am doing a print in dual mode, the printer seems to lag/pause on the print when switching extruders. This is causing the nozzle to get stuck in the print. Seems to work fine in single mode for both extruders.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Stock Firmware
  • JohnCarlson Firmware
  • Different SD Card
  • M413 S0 in my gcode to disable power loss recovery

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

You may want to check your slicer settings for the custon G-code that is added during tool change in this printr mode. This is my Prusa-Slicer custom tool change script for the dual mode:
G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder

That is also in my tool change script in PrusaSlicer. I also tried it without and there is no change. I am on the exact same setup as I was on the previous board. Do you think there could be an issue with the new board?

If your prints are working fine in single nozzle mode for each nozzle a board problem is highly unlikely.
Anticipating what might be wrong is quite difficult without further knowledge about your printer configuration, slicer settings & print file…

I’m going to do a test with SovolSlicer and see if the issue is still there. I just upgraded to PrusaSlicer 2.6, but I had been using the alpha and beta versions previously with no issue. The file I’m currently printing is a simple fan duct, and I have printed it before on the old board with the same configuration. I also saw your PrusaSlicer profiles on here and tried those, but that did not fix the issue. I’ll report back if there is any difference with SovolSlicer.


try send here a gcode using dual in calibration (square) so i can test on my print your gcode. and check if it prints ok.

Update: SovolSlicer didn’t have the issue so I dug deeper into PrusaSlicer. I noticed during the “pause” that the gears were retracting. This setting in my screenshot was my issue, which would explain why during single mode it was printing fine. After messing with this setting it’s working fine. Thanks for your input Bjoern!