Klipper screen

What is wrong with Sovol, According to their web site you can pre-order the klipper screen for a SV06 plus, for delivery to Europe, as I live in the UK I thought no problem, well when I put my address in I got a message telling me, “Can’t ship to your address”.
Anyone know how to get around this problem.

in France it works. Maybe the United Kingdom is excluded from the EU…

As Squali said. Remember that “Brexit” stuff? What brings only benefits for british people - at least according to your leaders? Well, as since then Britain is no longer part of the EU (Sovol is writing about “delivery to EU”, a political entity - not Europe, a geographical entity), this must be one of those benefits.

Some stores have a separate “delivery to GB” option, look for that

I had a similar issue. It was a glitch in their website. Send the web developer or contact us and let them know. They fixed it then it allowed me to purchase to Australia.

Not a glitch in the website - orders to the UK just weren’t open yet. (Yes, the UK is no longer part of the EU, that’s why choosing EU doesn’t work… :wink: )

Now available to order from China to the UK - I ordered mine about a week ago. Looks like they have fairly limited stocks and/or demand is high.