Is the rubber part arround the nozel important?

I got a really bad death blob mid print and messed up the rubber tip. I cant find replacements for it on the store page and customer support is no help cause i baught it on amazon

Do you mean the rubber part on the purge buckets? It’s for cleaning the nozzle when changing filament. You could email to order the buckets separately. or join the sovol user group on facebook, it seems some SV04 owners make the part by themselves

No, it’s rubber around the nozzle. It’s a thin rubber square with a hole in the center.

Could you please email with your order id, the serial number under the hotbed, and a picture of the nozzle side to let us check if there was any other problem?
We will reissue the rubber for you after confirmation.

You can literally just use regular creality hotend silicon socks they are the ones that came with the printer exactly - here is the link