Tech Support for SV05?

I find help topics for every version but the 05 is there something I am missing? I had a blob for the first time and wanted to make sure I cleaned it correctly.

I saw the same thing when I was looking. Not sure why the support is lacking for this model. It’s EXTREMELY similar to the Ender 5 (pretty much a clone accept for the direct drive extruder), so maybe check some of their forums.

When you say a “blob”, what do you mean? Do you mean that your hotend is clogged? Is there a blob of filament stuck on the end of your nozzel?

If it is either of these, I would recommend going to the setting to preheat PLA (or ABS if you were printing ABS or PETG). Then use the thin wire tool that came with your printer to “probe” through the end of the nozzel hole to try and clear any blockage.

You can also try to do something called a “cold pull”. Youtube it to see what to do.