Is it possible to set the parts cooling fan speed in GCode or a Material definition?

Sorry for the duplicate post, but you can’t read posts in the SV06 Forum right now …

I am trying to print with some SUNLU PLA. I’ve been able to reset my extruder and bed temps for this filament (225C and 70C respectively), but the print layerss are not sticking to one another because the parts cooling fan is always running at 100% (the best that I can determine).

Is it possible to add a fan % value to the GCODE for a print, or to the PLA material definition in Cura? I’d like to drop the fan to 50% and then adjust from there.

Okay - I found the M106 setting as well as directions for updating the values in the “Print Settings” of Cura. It seems that the values for the printing temperature are not applied to a sliced object and must be applied manually.

I’m running a test print using manually crafted changes to the gcode - M106 S128 (50%) and M104 230.