Print speed

Hello I’m new here and a beginner… i have a question regarding print speed… so in cura i set the print speed for what I’m printing among other things then put the card in the printer and it starts. So while it’s printing the control panel gives ypu a handful of settings that you can adjust one being print speed. However the number i set it at on the computer, 30, is not the number displayed on the printer, 100. Do i need to adjust the print speed on the printer too?

Usually there is no need to adjust the print speed via the adjustment menu.

The “speed” setting adjusts a printer firmware parameter called “feedrate_percentage”. It comes to effect on movent commands that have no specific speed setting. The feedrate_percentage can be overwritten by G-code command M220. This depends on the g-code your slicer builds, which depends on your slicer settings…

Besides from that changing the feedrate_percentage during the print is highly likeky to affect the print quality. If you want to get replicable printing results then you should do all print speed adjustments in your slicer settings, only.