How recalibrate Z probe after bed change

i justed changed the heat bed and the whole plate of my sovol sv06 and now i don´t how to calibrate the printer. I tried bed leveling (automated) and auto homing (also automated) but evertime the nozzle pinches down the bed extremely. Also z axis auto leveling has the same result. I changed the z offset manually to +5 or 6 by now but the printer still acts like the bed ist the old one.

What kind of bed are you using? Is it a metallic material?

It’s basically this one:

I now tried the stock PEI plate on top of the aluminum bed and the probe works again. The phenolic resin on top of the aluminum plate + PEI plate won´t work. Is this normal? I am basically a noob in 3d printing but how does the last tried combination does NOT work?

you need something made of steel for the sensor… it is best to glue the “Prinplate Basic” to a spring steel plate and you can stick magnetic foil to the milled aluminum plate…then you don’t need any clamps.
and bed leveling should work again.

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why u need to change the bed if the printer already comes with 1?

The cable of my heat bed broke and as the support of sovol took his time and the replacement is shipped from china (i live in germany) i just didn’t want to wait several weeks for the replacement to arrive. So i ordered a heat bed here in germany. This bed consists of 3 parts. An aluminum bed, a silicon heat mat and a new print surface.

I completely disassembled the extruder and the sensor and the screw i pointed at in fact lets me change the the hight of the sensor itself. So finally i got my setup to work. Thx for your guys´ input.