Cannot use non metal print beds with Sovol

Whenever i try to use a bed that is not made of metal, the sensor doesn’t detect it, i tried a plastic one and it went throught it because of the metal sensor, is there a way to set up a bed that is not made of metal? cause i’m having some problems with the metal one and i’d like to try different solutions


None, this is one of the drawbacks… You are stuck with this bed.

This is a major problem for this printer, a tremendous handicap. I have tremendous adherence problems with this bed, and I can’t solve them with the different options it offers me on the market. If I had known this before, I wouldn’t have bought it. It could be a great printer with a major manufacturing defect. It’s like buying an off-road car that you can’t change the tires on to drive on different roads. It’s a big flaw for Sovol. One solution might be to disable the metal bed sensor, but it’s terrible to do that on a new printer.

I bought a new nozzle 2 mm shorter and added a glass bed on top. but the problem is that the z offset save option is a ruse. It does not actually do anything. I proved this on the Discord and also asked SOVOL but no one has an answer. The z offset has a 5mm swig, so in theory it would work. Being the offset is Bupkis , we are out of luck.

This is very accurate. The Z does not save properly.

thx for confirming, but why would they do that?

I can’t tell you if this is a Sovol issue or Marlin. My Ender doesn’t have the issue and is on 2.1.2. My sv06p is on the fw and does.

You could always swap the inductive probe for a BL Touch or CR Touch, it would just take a couple tweaks to the firmware.