Glass Bed for Sovol 06


I bought a Creality glass bed which is 4mm thick, when I tried the “Auto Align Z” the first part of the bed levelling process the nozzle went straight into the new bed. Thankfully I was able to turn the printer off before any damage was done.

Should I be able to use a 4mm glass bed on the Sovol 06 and if so how do I carry out the bed levelling process with out damaging the printer or the glass bed?


No, the probe on the SV06 is an inductive probe. It requires your bed to be metal. Glass and other non-metal print surfaces won’t work. It effectively can’t “see” the bed when it’s not metal, so it can’t figure out where to stop.

There isn’t really a workaround short of changing out the probe for a mechanical end stop/probe or maybe a capacitive probe (I’ve never used those - but my understanding is they can sense non-metallic objects including glass).


Thanks for the reply, that will be the problem, good to know.

I thought the probe was laser or ultra sound didn’t even cross my mind that it would be inductive.

Thanks again.

I tried this too and say the same result, maybe worth a mention in the docs? Many of us will want a glass bed, it is sort of a go to option for 3d printing? Anyways, I was hoping to adjust my sensor to me my glass work, so it really can not be adjusted?

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don’t bother with a glass bed, use spray adhesive, spray it straight onto the bed plate. it comes off easy with a little water (it’s gotta be hot water) and soap.

There is one way…don´t remove the PEI so the detector can detect it and ajust after the Z.
In other words,put the glass bed over the stainless steel PEI.
Other solution,buy another bed o PEI and bond it over the first one with heat resistant glue…(3M), so the bed will be more rigid,imitating the glass and you can print large parts of ABS with no problem.