Hot Bed giving negative temperature readout

The hot bed thermistor crapped itself and now the bed temp are negative. If i try to heat the bed I get a heating failure prompt and turning off and turn the printer doesn’t fix the problem. I tried a troubleshoot from the SV06 forum of switching the hot bed thermistor male end to the nozzle thermistor female end, and the negative reading switches to the nozzle temp reading. Other than ripping apart the protective jacket of the wire bundles to find some break in the wire, but I shouldn’t have to do this for a week old printer.

You can email Sovol for warranty:

I literally just get the exact same issue.

I had a broken thermistor wire at the solder point on the under side of the bed.

Yeah, same issue with mine also, seems like Sovol needs to be more careful with stripping the wire’s jacket.

I have a hypothesis on why this is happening.

The strain relief that they used for the pre-order units is printed. I would wager that they were printed on the very machine to which they went.

I have evidence of this in the form of residual filament in my nozzle.

I kept it because I noticed that the residual filament was black, the same color as the strain relief, and the sample filament is white.

I took this to indicate that they had tested the unit prior to boxing and shipping.

But, printing out a strain relief would accomplish the same thing.

However, printing without the strain relief in place seems to have flexed the wires enough to fray them from the heated bed. Even after the strain relief was installed.

Sovol tests are the printers before being sent out. I have seen black, blue & red filament posted before.