Having major issues with my prints since I got the printer

I have been having trouble with my prints. At first, I thought it was the stand I had the printer on was causing the problem. I changed out everything that is generally a problem, but my prints still look like junk Bad looking print. After printing it I bump my arm into the 1 motor (Motor in question), and it nearly burnt me it was so hot. None of the other were hot, but this one was really hot. Is this normal or do I need to replace this monitor?

hi @rmiddle sorry to read that. Please rest assured that the high temp is a normal phenomenon caused by the high-speed motor rotation. There would be slight differences in motor temps due to the varied rotating speed and time for vdifferent functions.

In this case, it’s recommended to print any other files for testing, here’s the reference link for your reference: SV01 PRO SD Card File.zip - Google Drive

It’s because the motors are tiny. I’m really disappointed with my printer also