Hard brick SV07+?

While my problem initially started off as a "routine“ brick (MCU ‘rpi’ : command format ect…) things were complicated as after a normally restart my Klipper screen would no longer receive power (the screen stays dead black and the LEDs no longer turn on). While I did check the fuse for the power supply, that is as far as physical troubleshooting I went before reaching out to customer support.

Customer support said they would ship me a new emmc module and that was the last response. While if I’m lucky, replacing the emmc will solve all my problems! But luck usually isn’t on my side.

My question is if anyone has a similar issue and if there is anything else I should be troubleshooting while I wait. Any help or insight on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

I bricked my SV07+ right before Christmas. The firmware update got interrupted before finishing. Contacted Sovol and within hours they asked for more info. Sent info. Sovol then did say they will send me an emmc. After 2 weeks, got noticed chip has been shipped. Another 2 weeks, received emmc. All works well. Maker emmc chips are in short supply, figured that was the primary reason for the delay. The original emmc is still dead.

Same as this: